How we love the pompous cultural festivals, put on with flourishing gestures. The media are excited, important names of the art world are bought and sold, star directors or impresarios shine impressively. Afterwards, quantities of carefully counted ticket sales and a flood of critiques decide as to the significance of that which one has just experienced.

The quiet stars of art and music festivals like “open systems” have a value all their own - intelligent producers, acting on their convictions, dedicate themselves to an artistic mission. Encounter, exchange of opinions and seismographic sensitivity are among the qualities of this type of festival. Since 1996, “open systems” has been offering the opportunity to experience contemporary music in and for the Ruhr region. Conventional fare recedes into the background while the unknown, the extraordinary and the musically significant comes to the fore. In the regional community of concert producers, mex e.V., the initiative for experimental and intermedial music projects in the city of media culture, Dortmund, has conceived a passing and compatible music program. One can listen with excitement and be amazed.

I thank “open systems” and all partners for their constant engagement and wish all visitors a valuable listening experience.

Jörg Stüdemann
City deputy for culture, sports and leisure for the city of Dortmund

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