Moderation: Chris Mann

Ensemble Bracelli
plays Moondog - Premiers
Matthias Feger : Viola
Marko Genero
: Viola
Wolfgang Sellner
: Violoncello
Philip Willerding-Bach
: Violoncello
Horst Wischnowski
: Kontrabass
Stefan Lakatos
: Trimba

Yasunao Tone
“Cut and Splice”

Lionel Marchetti + Yoko Higashi
“viande avariée attire les mouches”
Dance Performance
From the sequence grenzgänger // transmediale tanzimprovisationen
in cooperation with freies rheinland e.V. | c/o Georg Dietzler

The Hub
"55 minutes of the hub" - Net concert
Concert recorded by WDR 3 open

"quiet riot at night" - Elektrolounge
Elektrolounge presented by Sternschaltung
and Klangkabel with Swod (Berlin), DJ krill.minima & DJ Segment
In cooperation with MeX e.V.

Location: Domicil Foyer
Phill Niblock -Videoinstallation
“anecdotes from childhood”